• A government agency has begun work on a project to help those with traumatic brain injuries. (To learn more, see below)

    Government researchers work to restore memory in TBI patients

  • In a 2010 decision, the Supreme Court of Massachusetts created a new reasonableness standard regarding ice and snow accumulation on a property. This new standard makes it easier to hold property owners accountable for not removing snow and ice. (To learn more, see below)

    Massachusetts winter slip-and-fall injuries: The reasonableness standard

  • The mother of deceased singer Michael Jackson, Katherine Jackson, sued her son’s tour promoter, AEG, for wrongful death. In Massachusetts, as in most states, family members experiencing financial injury due to a loved one’s death resulting from someone else’s negligence can sue that negligent person for wrongful death, potentially receiving compensation. (To learn more, see below)

    Jackson’s wrongful death suit underway

  • By 2020, the city of Boston wants to reduce by half the number of bicyclists suffering injury due to accidents. Through their preliminary research, city officials discovered that motor vehicles played a major role in those accidents. (To learn more, see below)

    Massachusetts officials seek to lower the number of bicycle accidents